Monday, May 18, 2009

AmbX Peripheral Fake Out - Part II

Ok, here is the final, 100% correct pinout. Now start connecting weird things to your AmbX without fear of explosion or death!

  • These were pinned and drawn from actual Fan and Rumbler accessories.
  • The left diagram is the Rumbler, the right diagram is either of the fan jacks. The polarity on those motors is not very important but provided nonetheless. (there is a small red dot on the motor)
  • There is no resistor for the jumper. I used one when I was messing about because its safer than just shorting unknown things out. But now we know there isn't one for sure.
  • Too bad both jacks make use of pins that aren't on S-video cables. Otherwise I'd just knock out the plastic insert and use one of those. You could use it on the Fan one if you provided your own external power supply I suppose.
  • The Rumbler (can we call it something else?) has 2 zones, Right and Left. But on the one I took apart, you'll notice someone put glue between their joint, defeating the whole purpose of the rubber standoffs that isolate the two zones from themselves and the base. Besides that, its effectiveness is questionable.. a friend said "Who plays FPS's with the keyboard (alone) anymore?".. Good point, unless you are playing DOOM or something where both hands are on the keyboard, the right side rumbler is mostly useless. Exxxxtreme numpad plugin for Excel coming soon! Feel those numbers and formulas come to life! (I admit, I love the numpad and can't live without it. I'd sacrifice the speakers on my MBP to have a numpad.)
From AmbX Disassembly

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