Sunday, May 17, 2009

AmbX Peripheral Fake Out

Edit: If you just want the pinout, skip ahead to part 2.

Had a few minutes tonight to use a classic technique of sticking safety pins (not safe!) into those rear jacks and seeing if anyone's home and how they respond to threats. Found an interesting 3.3v which I immediately thought was a floating input sense. Turns out when you ground that (pull down via a 1k resistor), you've got some extra fan's and a rumble pad! Here's a rough diagram from what I could see with an old Simpson 260 meter (easier to see PWM on old analog meter, although you can't read the pulse width.. scope is broke at the moment) I have not verified these by connecting actual motors yet, just the meter. I would wager the diagram is mostly correct, especially the fans.. they are very simple. The 'Direct Control' software will detect your fans and rumble in realtime when you put the resistor in the back. (I just stuck mine in the back socket pins, maxin relaxin.) If you can't find that app, look under Philips Accessories.. it doesn't live with the rest of the suite.

Erm, that 'OUT' is electron flow, not conventional. I could have wrote PWM return but whatevs. The point is: the VCC is constant, the PWM signal is ground. :)

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