Friday, April 24, 2009


So I consume a lot of info daily as most of you, and I'd like to do trackbacks. Blogger seems to have this 'Add Enclosure Link', but is that to imply that one post may be a trackback, and there cannot be a post of trackbacks. I am probably defeating the whole purpose. I don't want to make a ton of tiny worthless posts for one link each.

As templates go, this one.. while customized to be dark and easy on the eyes (or not? say so), and fitting my personal preferences of monospace etc, the extra margins and such are in much need of love. The newspaper like column blog format is not my thing, I mean, in a newspaper there are other columns side by side, not blank wasted pixels. I suppose I'm going to really annoy folks while I learn the ins and outs of this. Maybe people with their netbooks and 800 width screens :D And the CSS is using percent font widths, which I'll get around to changing so things don't look so silly hopefully.

IE8. Still no inline spellchecking on form data, big wtf microsoft. Props for IE web developer though, better than Firefox addins. And there's 3rd party Fiddler when you really need to see whats going on with headers and modding postdata, browser independent.

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